Your data. Your choice.

Take control.

Protect your privacy while keeping the convenience of modern smartphones. Store your data safely and stay in sync – with DAVdroid!

Endless possibilities are waiting!

DAVdroid is not only about getting back control over your data. In the same way it also opens new possibilites of working and living together in a digital world. We've put some of the examples here to let you know what can be achieved with DAVdroid and how life can be made easier without losing contol over your data.

Company read-only address books

Imagine a company having dozens or thousands of employees. Wouldn't it be great if everyone had all contacts up-to-date all the time?

Super paranoid?

Use DAVdroid without Google Play, distrust all system certificates, use TOR and be invisible.

A shared grocery list with your partner

You're at work, but your better half is somewhere else and finally you remember stuff that has to be bought? No problem: put it in your shared grocery list!

Family calendar

No more conflicts on event planning. Manage your family events with ease and use a fully editable calendar where everyone has the ability to edit from everywhere.

Combining two worlds: iOS and Android

Coming from the Apple universe and still want to stay in sync with iCloud? No problem – connect your contacts, calendar and reminders with your Android and stay in sync on all your devices, even when you use your iPhone.