Managed DAVdroid

Brings CalDAV/CardDAV to Android for businesses and organizations.

While DAVdroid itself is more or less a single-user program, "Managed DAVdroid" makes CalDAV (for calendars and task lists) and CardDAV (for address books) available on Android for organizations. It comes with additional enterprise features such as mass deployment, company branding and pre-configurable settings.

With a few clicks and within a few minutes, it is possible to supply thousands of Android devices with a pre-configured CalDAV/CardDAV solution.

  • Use CalDAV and CardDAV on your organization's Android devices
  • Integrates with your existing CalDAV / CardDAV infrastructure
  • Based on DAVdroid, which has proven to be a stable CalDAV/CardDAV solution for years

Take a look at some business use cases

Shared contacts

Create address books and distribute them across your employees. Supports contact groups* and read-only address books.

Outlook and Android?

Now you can! Make use of Outlook CalDav Synchronizer and keep using Outlook while also synchronizing events with Android.

iPhone and Android

Keep desktop clients, notebooks, Apple and Android devices in sync and use them together.

Expert calendar features

DAVdroid supports recurring events, exceptions, email invites*, attendees, event classification, per-event colors and much more. You can even create and delete CalDAV calendar collections from within the app.

Secure and confidential

Protect your business secrets by keeping your data in-house. DAVdroid will only synchronize with your server. There's no tracking or other forms of remote access.

Transport-level security

Use per-app VPN to connect DAVdroid with your organization's network from outside or limit synchronization to specific WiFi SSIDs. With TLS connections, all synchronized data are kept secret and validated.

* limited by Android