How does DAVdroid integrate with Android?

How does DAVdroid integrate with Android?

DAVdroid is a synchronization app to synchronize CalDAV/CardDAV collections with Android devices. It consists of two parts:

  • a GUI that allows you to add and manage accounts and settings,
  • synchronization adapters for CalDAV/CardDAV, which are interfaces between CalDAV/CardDAV services and the Android APIs.

Data storage: Contacts, events or tasks are stored in so-called content providers, not in DAVdroid itself. Those content providers are provided by system apps (Contacts storage, Calendar storage) or 3rd-party apps (OpenTasks).

User interface: DAVdroid is not a contacts, calendar or tasks app. It does not provide facilities to edit/view contacts, events, tasks etc.

Security: Passwords are stored and managed by the Android AccountManager API. To protect your passwords from being read when your device is stolen, use Full Disk Encryption.

Last updated: 03 May 2018