Problems after updating DAVdroid or Android

If you experience problems after a DAVdroid update:

  1. Try to force synchronization.
  2. If the error persists and you think it's related to the update, remove your DAVdroid account and add it again.
  3. Sometimes it may be necessary to uninstall DAVdroid and install it again.

Common methods to fix problems

If you don't find a specific solution for your problem, you can always try these general methods:

  • In case a problem is related to a specific contact/event/task, delete this resource on the server and on your Android device and force synchronization.
  • In case a problem is related to a specific address book/calendar/task list, disable this collection in the DAVdroid account (uncheck it in the list), force synchronization, enable it and force synchronization again.
  • If this doesn't help, delete the DAVdroid account on your device and add it again.
  • If this doesn't help, uninstall DAVdroid, reboot your device, then install DAVdroid and add the account again.

Temporal relations are not always causal relations

Just because there is a relation in time between the DAVdroid update and your problems, this does not necessarily mean that this relation is causal, too. For instance, resource detection or a specific resource may be broken on your server for some time, but you didn't notice it because you didn't refresh your collections until the last DAVdroid update.

Why does this happen?

DAVdroid updates often introduce new features and change the way how things work internally; sometimes settings or data are not migrated correctly and cause problems. Migrations are complicates tasks, and sometimes it's nearly impossible to keep all possible situations in mind.

Android updates change the way how the system works and which features are available for apps. This can cause problems sometimes.

Last updated: 07 Sep 2018